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What our clients say

At Life Care Consultants we love what we do.  But even better than that is getting great feedback from the clients we work with.

“Gina was excellent! She made everyone feel comfortable and we learnt so much more from her then we have from other providers (trainers) we have utilized in the past.

Gina is very passionate about what she does and it showed. It also helped that she has experience in the nursing field and could give personal knowledge to her training.”

Miriama, Te Puia Rotorua

“In summary from the evaluation forms the staff filled out the evaluation ratings were 8 Excellent and 1 Very Good which gives you a good indication of how much they enjoyed the course. Summary of comments: Enjoyed course interaction with all present – great presenter; Clear, concise, easy to understand and remember; Most enjoyable and informative presentation; The information in the course was very relevant; The service has been just fine and everything has run very smoothly from my perspective. It is great from my end to know that once it is booked it practically runs itself so keep up the good work”

Christine Laurenson, Hauraki District Council

“I had the privilege of attending a first aid training session run by Kyle, at the NZ Kennel Club office last week.  It was just great, and on my way home (back to Fielding!) I was just behind a fatal car accident – there were already plenty of helpers on the scene but I know having just come from the course I could have helped if needed.  Just shows it can happen any time right!? ”

Dr Becky Murphy BVSc BSc
Director, Veterinarian
TCI Veterinary Services Ltd

“On behalf of all those that attended your First Aid Courses Thank you. We have had great feedback on the instructors for these courses. Both instructors were informative, easy to understand and made the course exciting rather than boring. Our participants all got a great deal from this course.”

Tanya, AMA

“The facilitator that we use for our training is fantastic.  She has such a passion for her topic and her energy is contagious”

Kerryn Gregory, Auckland Meat Processing

“Just wanted to let you know that Wendy was the best Trainer we have ever had. We all learnt so much that we had never learnt before. Also, the way that Wendy delivered the training made us all think and participate heaps. She asked us for the answers first, to reinforce what we should already know before sharing her thoughts, drew great diagrams for visual people and explained everything very clearly. Quite a few people were heard to say – thanks, we have never been told that before.

I would definitely recommend her for anyone else being trained.”

Vector Ltd

“Arbor-Tek Ltd (Christchurch) have utilised the first aid training and refresher services that LifeCare Consultants provide for the last few years. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any individual or business. Their online scheduling and booking system works well, and for the slightly more tricky bookings you can speak with a ‘real’ person or email your request through. LifeCare Consultants are prompt and knowledgeable with their responses to these types of queries. The actual first aid training they provide is awesome, the trainers customise their training approach specific to the industry that you work in (where possible) and every training session I have attended has been fun and informative.”

Natasha Norman
Quality, Safety & Environment (QSE) Manager
Arbor-Tek Ltd (Christchurch)

“As you are aware I have been a qualified first aider since 1962 and have at various times completed training with all known training suppliers. I was very impressed when I attended the refresher course in Wellington as part of my evaluation of the training you had on offer. When you arranged to run a course for Council in-house, I was blown away. Staff members were absent from their workplace for half the time span of any other training consultants, they all raved about the quality of the course, the content of the course and the presentation which was first class. Please pass my thanks to all your staff who had anything to do with this presentation. They all deserve a pat on the back.”


Lindsay Skinner, Porirua District Council  

“The feedback from the staff plus one contractor was great. The content, pace and delivery of the info was great. The bonus was that the staff really enjoyed it and openly participated. For us getting a time to suit a larger group of staff can be challenging but with the trainer(Dawn) coming to our site makes the process a lot less complicated and easier to arrange.”

Chris Woodley, Firth Industries

“I would, without any hesitation, recommend Life Care Consultants to any organisation or individual seeking First Aid skills.  Their methods are innovative, up to date and their staff friendly and extremely easy going, capable of adapting to any learning style.  They are all very well equipped to provide anyone with this essential life skill.  Our staff love them”

Sanja Zubcic, City Parks Services

“The presenter related to all the staff excellently, many comments made on this by both field staff and managers.  Course content was also very good and what we had asked for.  Considering the short notice, the service was choice and much appreciated.”

Rachel Haapu, Fulton Hogan

“The training was fantastic. The tutors were great and I got some really good positive feedback from the staff who said they really enjoyed it. Thank you so much.”

June Wright, ECO Maintenance

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