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Flu Vaccinations

Every year the Flu wreaks havoc on the New Zealand workforce.

The flu is highly infectious and can knock out an entire workforce over a period of time if people are not vaccinated against it. It can also be deadly. If one of your team falls sick with the flu and then goes to work, that person is considered a hazard in the workplace under the NZ Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.

Life Care Consultants provides influenza vaccinations from March to June annually. We can come to you to administer the vaccines at times to suit you.


Immunisation is your best protection

Studies have shown that the flu has significant and costly effects on businesses including:

  • Interrupted customer service
  • Lost sales
  • Missed deadlines
  • Temporary staff hire costs
  • Reduced work output when staff stay at work sick.

It is not just a bad cold – it’s serious and can kill!

Being fit and healthy will not protect you. The flu vaccination has been proven to be 90% effective and helps improve your body’s defense against Inluenza. Having one last year, however, will not help your people this year. The flu virus changes every year so having a current vaccine ensures that you are protected from the most recent strains of the illness.

Flu Vaccinations

Life Care Consultants provides influenza vaccinations from March to June annually.


Influenza vaccinations are generally available late March – June annually. Life Care Consultants can come to you to administer the vaccines at times to suit you, providing you have at least 25 people each time.


You will need to have a first aider at each site where the vaccinations are taking place. Your first aider will need to have a current first aid certificate and be the last person vaccinated.


We can also supply vouchers for your staff to take to one of our contracted medical centres.

This is a good option for those who are not able to be on-site when the vaccinator calls, or for companies with less than 25 staff requiring the vaccine.


  • Being fit, active and ‘healthy’ does not protect against influenza. It is highly contagious and anyone can catch it.
  • Influenza is a serious illness that can hit people extremely hard. It can lead to hospitalisation, complications and even death.
  • Influenza vaccination is the best protection.
  • Effective protection can be gained by timely immunisation before the influenza season starts.
  • Influenza immunisation cannot give you the flu.


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