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Nutrition team

Dr Kelly Dale - Managing Director (Life Care Nutrition)

Dr Kelly Dale is the managing director of LifeCare Nutrition.  Kelly has a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, a Bachelor of Physical Education in Exercise Prescription and Management, a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and a PhD in Human Nutrition.

She has over 10 years’ experience designing and implementing health and wellbeing programmes for numerous workplaces in different industries around New Zealand. Her focus is on translating evidence from research into a real world setting- namely workplaces and community settings.

Kelly enjoys being active with her husband and three boys. She has twin boys, so can empathise and relate to people experiencing prolonged sleep deprivation and fatigue!

Olivia Marchand - Dietitian & Nutritionist (Life Care Nutrition)

Olivia has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Nutrition and a Masters in Dietetics.  She strives to educate, encourage and support people to make healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes so that they can manage medical conditions, injuries and illnesses so that they can return to normal healthy function as soon as possible. She is motivated to help people in the community and in the workplace to make positive, healthy changes.

Morag Wright-McNaughton - Dietitian & Nutritionist (Life Care Nutrition)

Morag has a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Nutrition and a Masters in Dietetics. She works with individuals, workplaces and communities to optimise their health and wellbeing through nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes. She is interested in sustainable nutrition, diabetes and gastrointestinal health, mindful eating, as well as plant based nutrition. Morag has experience working with clients of diverse cultural and medical backgrounds in the workplace, community, clinical, and hospital setting.  Morag is passionate about nutrition, health and wellbeing.

Alice Sharples - Nutritionist (Life Care Nutrition)

Alice is an experienced presenter and nutritionist who holds the International Olympic Diploma in Sports nutrition and a BApSci majoring in Sport Nutrition and Food Science from The University of Otago. Currently she is the Chiefs Super Rugby Assistant Nutritionist.

Alice’s nutrition passions include sport nutrition, work place nutrition, adolescent and female nutrition. She focuses on providing up to date scientific evidence based support and education for our Life Care Nutrition clients.

In her spare time you can find her running around the hockey field, finding new places to eat or hanging out with family or friends.

Lucy Kennedy - Dietitian (Life Care Nutrition)

Lucy is a registered dietitian at Life Care Nutrition. She is qualified with a Bachelor of Science majoring in human nutrition and Master of Dietetics. Her role is to provide up to date, tailored nutrition advice and group education seminars to workplace in the wider Wellington region. Lucy also works as a clinical and public health Dietitian.

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